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Spinal Manipulative Therapy

(Chiropractic Adjustment) Is a non-invasive treatment procedure used by your chiropractor to relieve pain, restore joint motion and improve the overall function of the body. Chiropractic adjustments are quick motions directed at restricted joints and often bring about ‘popping’ sounds which are simply gas bubbles being released from within the...View

Joint Mobilization Therapy

Much like the chiropractic adjustment, the goal of joint mobilization is to relieve pain, restore joint motion and improve overall function. However, unlike the adjustment, mobilizations are slow and gentle movements which take the joint or body part to end-range in oscillating motionsView

Muscle Release Techniques

(Soft Tissue Therapy) Is a hands-on treatment procedure designed to break-up scar tissue and/or adhesions which may develop within the soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) of the body due to trauma or repetitive motions.View


Both Dr. Meo and Dr. Valerio are certified Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Providers, with accreditation from the University of McMaster Health Sciences Department. Contemporary Medical Acupuncture is a precise peripheral nerve stimulation technique, in which fine solid acupuncture needles are inserted into anatomically defined neurofunctional sites. The needles are then stimulated...View

Graston Technique®

(Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) Rather than using his or her hands to treat your soft tissue injury, your chiropractor may opt to use hand-held ‘tools’ or ‘instruments.’ Graston instruments, are made of stainless steel and are specially designed to treat different areas of the body. For more information please visit...View


The Activator® is a adjusting instrument that is safe for patients of all ages. It is an ideal technique for patients with acute trauma, osteoporosis, and for extremity adjustments. The protocol uses a diagnostic evaluation procedure based on evaluating leg length inequalities and isolation testing to accurate assess when and...View

Massage Therapy

This technique is a manual manipulation of the soft body tissues, including the muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments to enhance a person’s health and well being. Our Registered Massage Therapists (RMT’s) perform a variety of massage techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy and Hot Stone Massage.View

Kinesio Tape®

Developed in the 1970’s by Dr. Kenzo Kase, Kinesio Tape is designed to help facilitate injured muscles and reduce pain. Kinesio tape differs from traditional rigid athletic tape in that its elastic properties allow for a full range of movement and generally lasts 3-5 days. Visit for more information.View

Rehabilitative Exercises

Stretches and strengthening are an important part of any treatment protocol. After proper joint motion has been restored and fascial scarring/adhesions have been treated the patient can now work on strengthening his or her areas of dysfunction. We will provide you with specific exercises that can easily be performed at...View

Patient Education

Another important part of your chiropractic experience is understading why you are in pain. We want you to be fully involved in your treatment plan and ensure all of your questions have been answered. During your first visit, your Dr. will explain to you how your injury occurred, what structures...View

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method

Looking for a safe and effective way to lose weight? Performance Health now offers weight loss counselling with Dr. Anthony Meo through the Ideal Protein Weight Loss method. Click on to find out more!View

Golf Analysis

Improve your golf game and swing! Dr. Anthony Meo is a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, and will identify and assess any functional limitations as they relate to your golf swing and work with you to get it right!View