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Low Back Pain

80% of the population will suffer from low back pain at some point in their lives (OCA). Chiropractors are back pain specialists and are trained to differentiate between simple causes of pain such as strained muscles and sprained joints or ligaments versus more serious conditions such as disc herniations or...View

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common complaint and can often arise from poor postures while at work. People who spend much of their day at a computer workstation find themselves hunched forward overtop of their desk which in turn can place stress on the muscles and joints of the upper back...View


Did you know that your headaches may be arising from the joints and muscles in your neck? Often times poor sitting postures while at a work station can contribute towards placing extra stress on the muscles and joints in your neck resulting in a pain referral pattern to the back,...View

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a very complex structure designed for high mobility which in turn sacrafices stability. AC joint separations (pictured) and dislocations may result from falls or blows to the shoulder. Pain at the front aspect of the shoulder often occurs due to repetitive motions involving the arm/shoulder. Throwing sports...View


Often, pain is located on either the inner or outer aspect of the elbow. Repetitive movements of the wrist contribute towards the constant tugging of the muscles on their attachment sites at the elbow resulting in pain. Elbow pain is common in sports requiring “flicking” motions of the wrist such...View


Often times numbness or tingling can be felt into the hand and fingers. Simply because one has tingling in their fingers does not mean they have ‘carpal-tunnel syndrome’ (a condition involving structures located at the front of the wrist resulting in numbness/tingling into the thumb, index, middle, and half of...View

Hip Pain

There are many possible sources of hip pain. Runners often experience a ‘snapping’ sensation in the hip area which may be arising from tight muscles and tendons. Older populations may suffer from arthritic hip joints. Bursae situated between bones and tendons may become inflammed and become a source of pain...View

Knee Pain

There are many different sources and causes of knee pain. Runners often suffer from pain on the outside of their knee (Ilio-tibial band syndrome), jumpers such as volleyball and basketball players may suffer from pain just below the knee cap (patellar tendonitis), older populations may suffer from morning aches and...View

Ankle/Foot/Plantar Fasciitis

Ankle injuries are fairly common, especially in sports. “Rolling” ones ankle not only damages soft tissues such as ligaments, but it also impairs your ability to maintain balance. Foot pain can result from strained muscles, restricted joints, heel spurs, irritated fat pads,inflammed fascia and more. It is important to differentiate...View

TMJ/Jaw Pain

Jaw pain along with popping or clicking while opening or closing the mouth, as well as, an inability to fully open or close the mouth may be a primary condition of the temporal-mandibular joint itself, or secondary to dysfunction of other structures in the body.View